Fractal Nectar is an offering of potent essences from Nature.   We are pioneering an Earth-centered approach to self-care products which invites Nature to nourish us on all levels, mind, body, and Spirit.  We are here to empower humanity’s highest potential into Embodiment. 

This is an Age of unparalleled challenges which requires an intact Source connection to navigate gracefully.  Fractal Nectar hacks the system on our preprogrammed self-sabotage.  Concentrated subliminal Luminous information from the Sun, Stars, and Universe is absorbed directly into our cells.  This brings in untold layers of new possibilities that literally synergize with our own innate cellular intelligence to open and renew pathways of Self-expression.   

 Optimal Health is our birthright.  Be the absolute best version of your self possible

Fractal Nectar is created from a holistic worldview where every being is sentient, Light is Consciousness, and we are free to grow toward the light as plants do.  With so many unnatural Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) saturating our daily lives, our essences from Nature provide infusions of coherence.  These Essences from Nature help us access a pristine presence of vibrational attunement that is, in fact, always available to us.  Working with Nature internally, and with intention, cultivates a deep taproot of affinity with the Web of Life.  The primordial Unity of all existence anchors in our bodies as a bank account of unlimited energy we can draw on readily. 

Walk through the World as a beacon of sovereignty and interconnection.

 The demands of being alive here on Earth now can deplete our Body temples…  Because of our challenges of pollution and industrialization on a global scale, All beings have a degree of healing to do personally. Disconnection from Nature is an epidemic and manifests as myriad imbalances we witness in local and global circumstances.  The fallout from the comforts of living a modern lifestyle are not always obvious, mostly because our nervous systems don’t have a reference point of what Nature’s true baseline is. 

Are we so busy in the static of the human experience that the rich context of our vibrational environment goes unnoticed?    

Unified Field Physics has proven what the world’s spiritual traditions have always known.  What we know as solid Matter is essentially densified light energy coalescing from an omnipresent and energetically infinite Space.  EVERYTHING IS VIBRATION. Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it is constantly transforming. Let's harness this perpetual transformation in favor of our highest Potential to unfold. Every step in our production process is inspired by the continuum of energy flowing throughout the Universe and made manifest through the abundance of mutualistic relationships we see in our ecosystems. We look to the pollinators and see this nature of reality revealed in high definition.  Buzzing bees and hummingbirds live on the nectar of flowers and are vibrating so incredibly that science can't explain the physics of their ability to fly. . .

The winged ones are guardians of awe-inspiring mysteries.  

We are rekindling the ancient alliance between the pollinators and humanity.  We act in gratitude for all the often unseen work they do to support our existence and devotion to improving our human systems to support instead of sabotage them.  Through consuming these Essences from Nature we invite these benevolent beings to share their Cosmic secrets with us. Through witnessing nature we can learn so much. . .  Honeybees follow the magnetic lines of the Earth, on its own honeybee species specific leyline grid, as they make their pollination orbits. In an experiment, a cordless phone plugged in and put on a domestic Hive induced colony collapse every time.  The phone creates a distortion in the ambient EMFs around the hive and skew the energetic lines bees use to navigate making it harder for them to accurately return to the hive.  What are the subtle yet physically consequential interactions of the human world with the Natural World?  Now that we see how we are energetically inseparable from our environment it is our hope that the engrained habits of our daily living will take on a more harmonizing presence in how we interact with each other and Nature. 

 You are what you eat, you are what you resonate…

Fractal Nectar endeavors to bridge our individual intelligence with the collective wisdom of our unified planetary being.    Indulge in deep cellular recharge with these Essences from Nature. Every cell unified in a field of remembrance. This Body is a living vessel for communion to flow through. Our basic elements are synchronizing with the environment in symbiotic exchange. May our humble offerings be keys to restoring natural resonance within your field, inducing coherence in your nervous system and optimizing peak performance in life overall…

Activating our unlimited Self-realization in Love and service to all Beings.

ALL THIS in self care products?? How?! You may ask…

Yes.  As we embark on this journey of Vibrational Alchemy together, we will be continually amazed at how the Great Mystery reigns supreme.    

Everything we produce has an ethical supply chain.  The highest quality ingredients and production ensure that you will receive the most attuned ultimate results for your body temple. We always hold ourselves to beyond organic standards. Prizing genetically intact (no GMO) heirloom varietals and selecting from locally sourced or fair trade Sources.  We believe in the interconnection of the planetary being and establish all our relationships based on the best interests of everyone involved- especially the nature spirits that co-create with us.  We always find ways to give back to the land and beings who contribute to our production.  At every step in the process there is a reverence in action, as we cherish what a privilege it is to work with Nature in these ways.  Because of this moderation and aversion to over-consumption of wildcrafting resources many of our essences are limited edition and/or depend on seasonally availability.   So be sure to join our mailing list to get occasional updates and special offers.   

Inspired by the pristine beauty of Earth, Our standard of excellence is as high as possible.    We love you that much.  

We specialize in Love enhancing potions and stimulating elixirs. Enjoy responsibly and make consciously loving choices!  

Our product is intended for...  ¥OU !!! as long as you're a fully developed adult, not pregnant, or on any medications that are contraindicated.  






If in need, Seek professional council of a qualified Holistic Doctor in your area.